| Our Journey To You |

Sistah (Simply Inspired Skin Toes And Hair) Butters was created to enhance, empower, and embrace the natural beauty of my bright, bold, brilliant daughters. They, my daughters and our products, are made with love and all natural, non-toxic ingredients with the intent to transform lives using a 4-Step system on our multi-functional platform. 
For example, Step‑1 Earth Cleanse is used as a hair cleanser, facial mask, bath detox treatment and curl definer.  Further, our all-body butters contain 26 sun-kissed ingredients designed for skin, toes and hair care needs. You don’t need 10 to 20 products, save your precious counter/shelf/cabinet space.
In conscious collaboration with Mother Earth, our multi-functional products contain all-natural, plant based, synergistic-healing ingredients.  Being conscious consumers you can know, trust and believe that when our products go down the drain that:
1.  Fish can still swim the deep blue,
2.  Birds can still fly high, and
3.  You, I  and Mother Earth will THRIVE! 
Our system simplifies the consumer’s choice(s), making it a smart buy and a revolutionary way to save counter space and the Planet 😉
In other words, we’ve got you covered!

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