Bamboo Tea Leaves ~ Highest Source of Vegetative Silica


Have you had your Silica today?  What you may/may not know is that, Bamboo Tea has the highest form of vegetative silica, and is the easiest way for silica to be easily absorbed into your system.

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Silica is the essence of Bamboo Tea. Bamboo is a tall and strong plant that is flexible and moves with the wind. It contains the highest level of silica to enhance our strength and flexibility which with aging diminishes overtime.

Vegetative silica is not found in the foods we eat and needs to be add to our diet to obtain its benefits. Some of the benefits of silica are listed below.

  • Strengthens hair/nails and encourages new growth for a Happy, Healthy, Head of Hair
  • Improves skin elasticity for Soft, Supple, Sexy Skin
  • Benefits teeth and gums | essential for bone growth
  • Improves connective tissue and strengthens musculoskeletal system
  • Plays a role in helping the body to eliminate aluminum (think cavity fillings)
  • Thought to improve cardiovascular system | reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Great for upper respiratory system, restoring elasticity to lung tissue and the upper respiratory tract (Asthma, COPD).

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