FABULOUS Flaxseed Gel | Style/Hold Gel | 8.5 Oz.


Sistah Butters’ Fabulous Flaxseed Gel is a handmade all natural styling aid that is easy to apply and designed to enhance curl definition, retain moisture, eliminate the necessity for heat which serves to maintain, retain and sustain hair for maximum growth. 

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Sistah Butters is proud to offer a superior line of handmade “natural” hair and body products for you. In our Fabulous Flaxseed Gel (FFG), we only use generous amounts of the best natural healing ingredients:  Bamboo Tea, Flaxseed, Cinnamon, and Honey.  Each of these moisturizing ingredients are sourced in the US or exotic world locations. 

Pump from bottle or place ¼ – 1 cup of FF Gel into an applicator bottle (depending on hair length), apply on wet/dry hair by sectioning then pulling gel down hair shaft. Shape/style hair as desired. Let air dry, diffuse, or hair dryer. Wipe any excess from face, neck and ears. 

FFG works well with Sistah Butters’ Lavender Lady/Sun Rose to seal in moisture, either before or after application.

Note:  As with most natural products (fruits, vegetables, etc.): Refrigerate/Freeze after opening. Discard 3 weeks after opening, if not frozen.


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